Body cam fact & fiction

Here’s a nice article that separates fact from fiction regarding police body-worn cameras. Both the public and the police generally like the technology, and it has some demonstrated benefits, but a panacea it’s not.

4 Responses to “Body cam fact & fiction”

  1. Gunther Says:

    I believe that large numbers of cops don’t want cameras is because the cameras will show them how ignorant they are when it comes to knowing the laws in their own city, county, and state when they tried to lecture the people about the law or telling people that they do not care about what the law says or what the Supreme Court says. Or it will catch the police not giving people their Miranda rights or ignoring the Miranda rights when the citizens invoke their rights to have a lawyer and not talk to the police (right to remain silent). There have been cases where cops have been caught on video at the police station interrogating kids without their parents being present.

    • the42cop - Jaden Michael Says:

      That couldn’t be further from the truth. Most officers like having body cams. It shows irrefutable proof of when people are acting like idiots. And you obviously don’t know the law very well. You aren’t required to read people Miranda except under specific circumstances. Nor is there a law in most states that says an officer has to talk to a minor with a parent present. Ultimately the body cam helps law enforcement MUCH more than it ever helps the suspect.

      There are however many problems with body cams that most people don’t think about. And it isn’t on the Officer’s end, it is a matter of privacy for the citizens. I previously wrote an article about this that is too long to cut and paste. Just food for thought!

  2. Gunther Says:

    I say a large number of cops not most cops do not like body cameras. Regarding Miranda rights, I doubt that cops even know the basic requirements of when to read the Miranda rights. Regarding parents presents when kids get interrogated by cops, I believe the FBI got in trouble for failure to have the parents present when they were interrogating some kids.

    If most cops favor body cameras, then they should have been putting pressure on the bad cops to adopt the body cameras. Part of the LAPD got into trouble because they finally got caught turning off their cameras on their cars. You go to the website PINAC, there will be a lot of stories about cops trying to suppress body cameras and taking action against people who tried to film them. Seems to me that the body cams helps the citizens more than the cops; otherwise, police misconduct would have been reduced to by a good percentage/ Just food for thought.

  3. Gunther Says:

    “And you obviously don’t know the law very well.”

    Yeah, and many cops still don’t know their laws very well, despite the fact that they get more exposure to the laws compare to most citizens unless you are a criminal who has plenty of time studying the laws while in prison.

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