Executive session on police leadership

BJA’s website on police leadership has added three new resources — documents on building trust and developing the next generation of police chiefs, and an audio interview on continuing challenges for women in law enforcement. The executive session website also offers a variety of other useful documents and presentations on police leadership.


2 Responses to “Executive session on police leadership”

  1. Darrel Stephens Says:

    Thanks Gary! Darrel Stephens Executive Director Major Cities Chiefs Association stephens@majorcitieschiefs.com


  2. Izofam@aol.com Says:

    Gary I really appreciate your daily Modern Policing messages. I have shared this discussion about trust building and “the next generation of police leaders” with both John DeCarlo and Lenny Hamm. I’m involved with both of them on related issues. I was also thinking, if appropriate, if you might share my book, “Police Leadership in a Democracy..A Conversation with America’s Police Chiefs” with executives who are considering changes in their organizational culture. The feedback I’ve received about the book goes from “very readable” to “helpful” when considering community policing strategies.

    Otherwise, still busy with the YPI “trust building” program. It looks like we’ll partner with the Police Foundation to work with the YPI and the Somali community in Boston.

    Best wishes and again, thanks for the very helpful daily dose of Modern Policing.

    Jim Isenberg

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