Army officers recruited into CID

The US Army has increased its recruitment of company-grade officers (lieutenants and captains) willing to resign their commissions in order to become Army CID special agents at the warrant officer rank, according to this article. Although the transition involves a reduction in rank and pay, it provides substantial specialized training and career opportunities for those with a strong interest in investigations.


4 Responses to “Army officers recruited into CID”

  1. Gunther Says:

    You would think that officers would have technical skills as well so they know their stuff just as much as their NCOs would know.

    • the42cop - Jaden Michael Says:

      Typically officers in the Army only have a passing understanding of the skills of those they supervise. The Army officer directs others and is concerned with the big picture and coordinating resources while the NCO is the one who actually performs the duties. The Army officer to Warrant officer is kind of like going from being a chief of police who has never been a cop to being a cop. Technically a step down, but without a lot of the skills necessary to make it work on the ground level.

  2. Gunther Says:

    “Officers in the Army only have a passing understanding of the skills of those they supervise.”

    Well, maybe it is about time we have the system like the Israeli Army where their officers usually serve time in the ranks first before they are sent to officer school.

  3. Mike A Says:

    This program requires the officers to go through the normal CID course and one years probation just like any other Special Agent. The difference is that at the end of probation they become team leaders based on their previous demonstrated leadership abilities. It’s very much like being hired directly as a GS13 rather tan doing the 9-11-13 route or 11-13 depending on agency.

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