Risk/reward in SWAT no-knock entries

This in-depth 2-part series, located here and here, examines the practice of no-knock dynamic entries by SWAT teams. National data are not systematically collected, but nearly 100 deaths are known to have occurred in such raids since 2010, including at least 13 police officers. The vast majority of raids are drug cases, leading some police and legal experts to question whether the rewards justify the risks.


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One Response to “Risk/reward in SWAT no-knock entries”

  1. Gunther Says:

    There was this website (can’t recalled the name of it) where it had map of the USA about SWAT raids for each state. Well, there was one raid, where the an innocent man’s home was raided late night/morning hours by a SWAT team. Every member of that SWAT team got wounded by the occupant even though he was shot up by the SWAT team. I bet you that SWAT team is never going to live down the embarrassment that they had all this firepower, training, and protective gear; yet, each and every one of them got wounded by one guy.

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