Evidence missing in North Providence

This article reports 100+ items missing from the North Providence PD evidence room. The agency has an extensive policy on evidence storage and control, but loose security is alleged and regular audits and inventories required by the policy have not been conducted. Rhode Island has a high proportion of state and nationally accredited police departments but North Providence is not among them.



2 Responses to “Evidence missing in North Providence”

  1. Gunther Says:

    That is kind of amazing that 18 Rhode Island composes nearly half of police departments that are not accredited in that state.

  2. Gunther Says:

    “They came on the job to chase bad guys, not to take care of all of this crap,” Latta said. He suggests departments put civilians in charge of audits and inventories. The police are not trained to complete this type of detail-oriented accounting work, he said, and the possibilities for mistakes are endless.”

    I guess no one told police recruits that paying attention to detail in doing the paperwork is 9/10 of police work. At the police academy, police recruits would be punished if they did not pay attention to what their instructors saying to them and if they did not remember the answers to questions that were asked by the instructors. In addition, many of these recruits were in the military so they should have no excuse in paying attention to details since many of them were veterans of Iraq and Afghanistan and not paying attention to detail from planning out your operations to taking care of your equipment can lead to the death of yourself and your comrades on the battlefield. Cops can’t complain about “liberal” courts letting criminals off the hook when they actually help the criminals get off scot free due to their own sloppy work habits.

    What I find amazing is how bad cops paid attention to detail when it comes to getting rid of good cops, sending people to prison by withholding evidence, manufacturing evidence, not putting certain things down in a police report like names of witnesses who saw what really happen that contradict the fake police reports and then paying attention o detail when it comes fighting to prevent the convictions from being overturned in court. They also paid attention to detail when it comes to knowing on police investigations work when they come under scrutiny.

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