“It’s a false dichotomy”

This article provides a nice profile of Brandon del Pozo, the police chief in Burlington, Vermont. He disputes the notion “that you either have to choose the narrative of excessive urban crime or choose the narrative of brutal police, and that you’re either on the black lives matter side or the blue lives matter side … It’s a false dichotomy.”


One Response to ““It’s a false dichotomy””

  1. Gunther Says:

    Great article.

    Too bad the chief or the city administration did not use any law to take action against Rite Aid when it failed to wipe the graffiti off its wall. Funny how corporations complain about the state of the city neighborhoods; however, they don’t want to spend money cleaning up their own occupied building or buildings that they have abandon but still get tax credits because they own the deeds to them.

    The trouble with trying to get college students to join the police is that too many of them these come from wealthy families and they have a disdain towards the police (except when they need them to protect their political, social, and economic interests). These students also can make more money in a few hours than they can ever make as a cop.

    If you had more guys like him in occupying the various police positions in New York, Chicago, and Los Angeles, then maybe it would be possible to change those police department.

    Maybe he should work at getting these less lethal use of force weapons from the federal government considering the fact that police departments are actively taking all sorts of weapons and vehicles from the federal government at taxpayers’ expense.

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