Low self-control & police behavior

This column summarizes a study of 1,935 police officers that found a link between use of deadly force and 8 indicators of low self-control in their personal lives — “a history of a suspended driver’s license, involvement in a motor vehicle accident, had ever been behind on paying bills, had loans or debts over $1,000, been under any type of court order, been divorced or separated or received a traffic ticket in the past five years.” One author noted “An officer having one or two of the indicators could be attributed to bad luck, but a pattern might indicate that more screening is needed.”



One Response to “Low self-control & police behavior”

  1. Gunther Says:

    What about people who have temper tantrums, fly off the handle over anything and everything, too overly self-confidence to the point of being vain, can’t or would listen to other people? Argue over anything and everything? Has a history of being a bully at home, at school and even at work? Doesn’t let people speak let alone listen to people and has their mind already made up about something? Has shown a lack of respect for proper police procedures and people civil rights especially when those people exercise their rights? Has a constant pattern of lying?

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