Ongoing physical fitness requirements

While police departments emphasize physical fitness in hiring, they have struggled to implement standards that must be met throughout an officer’s career. This article reports a federal court ruling that standards imposed in Colorado Springs gave “meaningless results” and unlawfully discriminated against women officers when used as the sole basis for threatening loss of employment.



4 Responses to “Ongoing physical fitness requirements”

  1. Gunther Says:

    Would not be a problem with physical fitness if the departments had made physical fitness part of the various requirements in order to stay on the job after recruits had graduated. You look at some of the people in prison and they are in far better shape than the prison guards who keep an eye on them. You also have prison guards getting physical fitness pay even when they are out of shape both on the outside and inside of their bodies.

    • Bill Brocius Says:

      Gunther you are comparing prison guards to police officers. That’s a discussion for another time. The article referenced above addresses physical fitness for police officers, not jail guards. Two completely different professions.

  2. Gunther Says:

    Sorry, but in California, the prison guards have almost the kind of law enforcement powers that the police in California since they have to met the same standards that cops as stated in the Commission on Peace Officer Standards & Training (POST). Years ago, you could be a peace officer and be color blind; however, thanks to the CCPOA the officer have the same wages as the California cops; however, in return, they had to meet the standards of the POST which means you can’t join if you are color-blind. You had one high ranking California correctional officer becoming a chief of police in Southern California. You also have California correctional officers assisting in raids on gang hideouts, providing security at many community events, doing criminal investigations with local, state, and federal agencies, etc.

  3. Gunther Says:

    I meant to say prison guard and be color blind.

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