Guns & suicide

This article notes that suicides by gun outnumber homicides by gun, particularly in rural areas. In one Pennsylvania county from 2010-2014 there was 1 gun homicide and 47 gun suicides. The state averages over 800 gun suicides per year but the cases get little public attention, mainly out of respect for family privacy. Suicide prevention and sport shooting groups are working together in search of practical intervention steps.



One Response to “Guns & suicide”

  1. Gunther Says:

    Maybe all this is not put in the newspapers or on TV because white folks are afraid of stricter gun controls put on them when they get older and/or having health/mental problems which mean that they will be denied having a gun or be forced to turn in their gun. Sorry, they get no empathy or sympathy from me considering the fact that white folks are always talking about black violence and passing black code laws a long time ago prohibiting blacks from owning guns. In addition, if blacks were committing suicide with guns, the white folks would be saying that blacks should not be owning guns because they have suicidal tendencies.

    It is sad that the government at all levels don’t spend the amount of money in mental health programs that they spend on the US military and giving tax breaks and subsidies to wealthy people and corporations.

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