Defunding police

In response to police shootings and related controversies, activists in some cities have pushed to shift police funding over to social services, arguing such an approach would contribute more to community safety. This article discusses the proposal and questions whether it would accomplish what its proponents hope for.


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One Response to “Defunding police”

  1. Gunther Says:

    Maybe we should cut back on funding for the police considering the fact that the American government at all levels have been defunding and not investing in American society for the last 37 years. Furthermore, the American police can’t put all this blame on the politicians considering the fact that as individuals and as organizations, the police support these disastrous political, social, and economic policies because they are conservatives both as individuals and as a collective group. With all the money and the laws that have been given to the police, wealthy people, and corporations have been given, the American public has certainly not gotten its money worth. We have more criminals than police officers both on the streets and in the jails/prison.

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