Re-engineering the traffic stop

This column recounts efforts to improve after-action review of officer-involved shootings, based on methods used in aviation and medicine, with less emphasis on finding a person to blame and more on identifying system errors that can be fixed in order to prevent future tragedies. The writer notes that many shootings arise from traffic stops, and wonders whether changes to basic police SOPs could make vehicle stops safer for both officers and the public.



One Response to “Re-engineering the traffic stop”

  1. thoughtfulsarge Says:

    I read this article over the weekend, Gary. Very interesting. I believe we are at a place in our profession where we must start honestly changing our question from ‘why’ to ‘why not’. I know traditionally, cops hate two things: change and the way things are, but innovation can only come with taking a risk and a willingness to try something new. Thanks for posting.

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