Berkeley not so special any more

Berkeley PD has many unfilled positions and has lost experienced officers to other agencies in recent years, something that rarely happened before, according to this article. The agency has a distinctive history going all the way back to August Vollmer, and was the “go to” agency in northern California for many years. Current and departed personnel cite expanding workload, long hours, political interference, weak leadership, and lack of public support. One comments “You would never walk into some accounting firm and go up to someone at their cubicle and tell them they’re not doing their job right. But there’s this weird sense among residents they know police work and can tell you how to do your job.”


One Response to “Berkeley not so special any more”

  1. Gunther Says:

    Well, to many cops don’t know how to do their jobs and too many times, police work is more attuned to maintaining the political, social, and economic status quo of the wealthy elite and corporations.

    If cops don’t want the public to do Monday morning quarterbacking, then they should do their jobs. Furthermore, you always heard cops about Monday quarterbacking about their favorite sports teams.

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