Broken safety net in Portland

This 4-minute public radio report and accompanying article discuss the lack of mental health services in Portland and the rest of Oregon. As in many other jurisdictions, dealing with people in crisis has fallen to police, emergency rooms, and jails, none of which are really equipped to provide the intervention and treatment that people need. The commander of the PD’s behavioral health unit says “We’re kind of there collecting the people at the bottom in the worst moments at the depths of their crisis where it would be ideal to coordinate and do whatever we can upstream to prevent them cascading off the waterfall.”


One Response to “Broken safety net in Portland”

  1. Gunther Says:

    The Portland Police Bureau has a long, long, long history of not getting along with the people that it is supposed to protect and serve. Their latest police chief who is an Afro-American woman is a sorry example of the department considering the fact that many people fought for and in some cases pay with their lives so people like the Portland Police Chief could go into an occupation like the police and rise to the head position. She makes a mockery of all those human/civil rights activists and people would be saying why should they support women and minorities rights when those very same groups go out and violate other people’s rights?

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