Teaching new officers difficult history

San Jose police recruits recently took a course on “Policing in the Current Social and Political Climate” during their academy training, as reported here. The course reviewed controversial contemporary incidents but also examined how, “historically, police officers have been used as instruments of government discrimination, tasked with enforcing shameful policies such as the Japanese internment and Jim Crow laws.” The chief emphasized that national and even world events affect how people view the police locally — “No one reads the city on the badge, you just see the badge. We have to understand why certain segments do not trust us. I hope this scratches the surface of that.”


One Response to “Teaching new officers difficult history”

  1. Gunther Says:

    Police should be given history courses on them being used as strikebreakers and union busters, being in the pay of organized crime, beating up or murdering union labor activists, running their own organized crime racket, wanting to organize their own unions but not supporting other unions (public and private), etc.

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