BWC mainly exonerates officers in LAPD

Out of 320 complaints against LAPD officers in 2018 in which body camera recordings helped determine who was at fault, the evidence cleared the officers in over 80%, as reported here. The agency’s compliance rate for BWC activation in critical incidents, a problem during initial implementation, is now up to 95%. In the chief’s view, “It helps both sides of the camera. The existence of that camera helps answer did the alleged act occur or did it not.”


One Response to “BWC mainly exonerates officers in LAPD”

  1. Gunther Says:

    One LAPD precinct was caught where their officer were deliberately turning off the cameras or unplugging them on their cars and on their uniforms when arriving at a 911 call and then claim technical difficulties. It still proves that cops only like the cameras when the film support them.

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