Poll finds little support for defunding police

Only 22% of respondents in a recent national poll support defunding the police, as reported here. A large majority would like to see increased police budgets and more officers on the street. But a majority also support using some of the police budget for community policing and expanded social services. Only 22% believe police treat all people equally, and 81% want police-involved shootings investigated independently. Respondents rated crime their #1 concern, followed by “political extremism, climate change, health care, government budget and debt, and immigration.” The pollster summed it up as “Strong majorities support increased police funding to combat crime, making it clear that America is still a law and order country … [but] most Americans recognize racial inequalities in law enforcement, suggesting many Americans want justice in addition to safety.”

One Response to “Poll finds little support for defunding police”

  1. Gunther Says:

    Where are you going to get more officers, if the police keep arrest people on everything and anything; whereby, the population has a rap sheet; thus, the police are depriving themselves of a large pool of candidates? Also, you can’t fund the police if wealthy people and corporations don’t pay their share of taxes and the governments have to strip funding from the schools, social services, etc., in order to fund the police.

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