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More foot patrol in DC

January 17, 2019

DC is looking to add 150 officers over the next 4 years with an emphasis on “more front-line protectors to walk neighborhood beats and ride bikes, Segways and scooters,” according to this article. The police department eased the impact of a 2015 “retirement bubble” by hiring back 60-70 officers for 3 years. In the meantime a recruit class of 30 new officers starts each month. With a goal of reaching 4,000 officers, the chief says “We’re all competing with the same people who want to have a career in law enforcement, but we’re holding our own.”


Cleveland adding 250 officers

July 2, 2018

This article reports expanded recruiting efforts by Cleveland PD, which plans to add 250 officers and hopes to increase diversity. The city is 51% black but the department is only 23%, with 14% women. A list of 2,000 applicants has been compiled and conditioning camps are being offered to help candidates pass the physical agility test. Besides current vacancies, the agency has about 600 officers with 20+ years.

Position: Strategic Research Policy Advisor

May 25, 2018

The City of Surrey in western Canada, a RCMP contract city, has posted a position announcement for a Strategic Research Policy Advisor to lead its “planning and implementation process … supporting continuous improvement efforts through research and evaluation of current programs and services, and best practices in law enforcement.” The position announcement is here. Application deadline is June 10.

Best & worst states to be a cop

May 9, 2018

This article from WalletHub assesses 25 different factors to rate the 50 states plus DC on the desirability of police employment. Criteria include cost of living, salaries, crime rate, and public image. The top 3 are North Dakota, New York, and Connecticut. The bottom 3 are Arkansas, Louisiana, and Idaho. Click the “Ask the Experts” link for a variety of perspectives — the comments from William Vizzard are short and to the point.

Position: research analyst/strategic advisor

April 28, 2018
Seattle PD has advertised a Research Analyst/Strategic Advisor position, closing date May 8th. The position will “coordinate the research effort of the Department and the more than 40 academic partners, globally. The Research Analyst will serve as a bridge between current business practice and developments in the state of the art and a critical link to manage the Department’s research network.”

Positions open (analytical): Chicago PD

April 3, 2018

Chicago PD is looking to hire an Assistant Director of Analytics and an Assistant Director of Auditing. The positions will report directly to the CPD’s new Director of Strategy, supervise a number of analysts and compliance officers/auditors respectively, and play critical roles in the department’s reform and crime work. Applications are due by April 10.

Position: Legitimacy Program Coordinator

February 5, 2018

Oregon’s Center for Policing Excellence has a new position to “Develop, coordinate and deliver public safety training related to legitimacy/procedural justice, prevention of bias-based profiling, and stops data collection.” Information about the position, based at the state’s training academy in Salem, is posted here. The deadline for applications is February 12.

Command-level analysis position re-advertised

January 3, 2018

Tucson, Arizona has re-advertised its Crime Analysis Superintendent position, stating “This command-level professional-staff (civilian) position will lead and grow the Department’s crime and administrative data analysis capacity by developing current and future team members, employing new and innovative performance measurement techniques, strengthening partnerships with academic institutions, and leveraging technology to improve service delivery and community satisfaction.” The announcement is here with a deadline of January 31.

Position announcement: Crime analysis superintendent in Tucson

November 17, 2017

Tucson PD is advertising for a new executive-level leadership position with oversight of crime analysis and Compstat. Application deadline is November 26. Details are available here.

Pay boost in San Diego

October 19, 2017

Pending final approvals, San Diego has agreed to raise police wages 25-30% over the next 2-3 years in hopes of retaining officers and attracting more applicants, according to this article. Staffing is 13% below the authorized level and salaries have lagged behind neighboring agencies and other large California cities.