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Policing for profit

December 21, 2017

This article reports the case of a 550-resident town that used traffic tickets, impound fees, and asset forfeiture to fund a 5-officer police department, prosecutor, and judge. Thanks to a lawsuit and bad publicity, however, motorists started avoiding the town, which now has “$60,000 in unpaid bills and a six figure debt.”


Below the radar, south & north

July 21, 2016

Here are stories from two smaller cities that provide a bit of context to current police-community tensions. According to this article, Mobile, Alabama began concerted police reform 20 years ago and is now considering a police advisory committee in the wake of a police shooting. Syracuse, NY is still investigating a shooting death that occurred amidst 37 shots fired by police and others when a Father’s Day party went out of control. This article describes the neighborhood and efforts made over previous years to improve police-community relations, providing the perspectives of residents and police.