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DNA errors

September 27, 2018

DNA evidence is widely regarded as iron-clad. Particularly when the evidence is a mixture from several people, however, crime labs are prone to make errors, according to this op-ed column. In one study, 74 out of 105 labs incorrectly implicated an innocent person in a test sample, and the labs’ calculations of probability statistics varied hugely. Independent reanalysis of DNA has recently led courts to overturn 5 convictions. Efficient methods are now available for reanalysis of DNA mixtures in past cases, but labs and prosecutors do not seem anxious to adopt them.


Responding to a suicide threat

February 17, 2016

This Montana reporter reflects on a recent suicide call handled by first responders, and follows up with an interview with the Missoula County undersheriff. Perhaps surprisingly, Montana has the highest suicide rate among all 50 states.