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Standoff in Dallas

February 5, 2018

This article offers a detailed account of the Dallas SWAT response in July 2016 after a lone gunman had killed 5 police officers and taken refuge inside El Centro College. The response included negotiations, significant exchange of gunfire, and then use of a robot to deliver an explosive charge that killed the shooter, who had vowed to continue killing police until he was killed.


POP conference presentations

November 21, 2017

The Center for Problem-Oriented Policing has posted 21 presentations delivered at its annual conference last month in Houston, linked here. The POP Center’s full website, including 73 problem-specific guides, 13 response guides, 13 tool guides, and a host of other resources is available here.

Reaching for critical mass

November 15, 2017

This article provides an in-depth look at the low numbers of women in many federal law enforcement agencies, especially Customs and Border Protection (5%), and contrasts that with several municipal police departments that have taken a completely different approach to gender and the police culture. The chief in Madison, Wisconsin, which has 30% women, says “We’re looking for critical thinkers, people who are empathetic, good communicators, great at crisis intervention … I can teach a monkey how to shoot a Glock. The cerebral skills, the relational skills, that is the elusive commodity that you have to search for.”

Proactive approach to mentally ill

November 13, 2017

This article describes the work of the Behavioral Intervention Unit, a joint initiative of three police departments in the Dallas/Fort Worth metro area. The accompanying 34-minute podcast “Divert to Where?” is very interesting and informative.

New fingerprint algorithm

November 1, 2017

This article and this video report a new fingerprint algorithm developed by the FBI that has so far identified over 200 bodies of unknown persons recovered decades ago. The technique substantially improves the hit rate on low-quality and single-finger prints.

Transparency or public relations?

October 26, 2017

This article reviews police practices in releasing body cam video, noting a tendency to promote positive stories while refusing to provide video in situations where actions might have been improper. This pattern risks hurting police legitimacy if the public comes to believe that officials are cherry-picking what to release rather than truly honoring transparency.

Profile of Houston chief

September 5, 2017

This article provides a nice profile of Houston’s police chief Art Acevedo. His summary of the Hurricane Harvey experience: “While our response may not be perfect, no one will ever to be able to question the heart of the Police Department, the mayor who leads them and the people they serve.”

POP conference October 2-4

August 15, 2017

The 2017 Problem-Oriented Policing Conference will be held October 2-4 in Houston, Texas. The preliminary program is available here, and registration for the conference can be completed here. Goldstein award finalists making presentations are police agencies from Cincinnati, Eureka (CA), Houston, Lancashire (UK), Durham (UK), and Victoria (Canada).

Fired and reinstated

August 7, 2017

This article summarizes data from 37 large agencies, finding that 1,881 officers were fired for misconduct since 2006 but over 450 were reinstated after appeals. “In many cases, the underlying misconduct was undisputed, but arbitrators often concluded that the firings were unjustified because departments had been too harsh, missed deadlines, lacked sufficient evidence or failed to interview witnesses.” Chiefs express frustration whereas union officials argue that officers’ rights must be protected.

Called to Rise

June 11, 2017

David Brown, recently retired Dallas police chief, has authored a book about his life and experiences, Called To Rise: A Life in Faithful Service to the Community That Made Me. Now on a national book promotion tour, his 8-minute public radio interview is here.