Gary Cordner

I’m professor emeritus at Kutztown University of Pennsylvania (USA) and recently completed 9 years as a CALEA Commissioner (Commission on Accreditation for Law Enforcement Agencies). I’ve been associated with the Center for Problem-Oriented Policing since its inception and was the founding editor of Police Quarterly. I’ve been one of the co-principal investigators on the National Police Research Platform over the past several years. There’s a short bio here.

This blog is for students, users of my textbooks Police & Society and Police Administration, and anyone else interested in trying to keep up with news and developments in the policing world.

I have a 2nd blog focused more on the rest of the world outside the USA — see World Policing.

Thanks for stopping by and thanks for any comments and feedback.

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12 Responses to “Gary Cordner”

  1. danielbkennedy Says:

    Hello Gary. I am teaching at Oakland University in a new criminal justice program beginning there. I want the students to follow your blog and wish to do so myself. How does this work? Can I sign up somewhere and then receive notices or the blog itself. You can tell I’m a pre-internet guy from an aging generation!

  2. Gary Cordner Says:

    Thanks for the inquiry Dan (and the support). I have added a widget in the right hand column named “Follow Blog via Email.” You should be able to sign up using that.

  3. Mark Says:

    Great. One more blog I have to follow for insightful wisdom

  4. Mark Seifert Says:

    UDPD Community Policing in today’s world :

  5. Mark Calhoon Says:

    Hi Gary,

    I just wanted to thank you for the blog. I really enjoy it and find it useful. Keep up the good work!

    Mark Calhoon
    Newport News Police Department
    Planning Administrator

  6. Mark Says:

    Any chance you might create a RSS so it is easier to follow

  7. Gary Cordner Says:

    Hi Mark — I think you can elect to receive RSS feeds at the bottom of the blog page. I’m not aware if that’s something I need to enable, but if so please let me know. Thanks.

  8. Ross Flevkenstein Says:

    Gary : Have you tried to access your police training from Ocean City,MD.
    I went there trying to use these years for a part time job. I found that most of use have no record of employment at all. I also when to the MD. Police training Commission, how in 2007 ( l believe)moved and somehow lost all record, before the move.
    I contacted Sheriff. Reggie Mason, and he also couldn’t find any info .Do you have Amy ideas.

  9. Gary Cordner Says:

    Hi Ross — I don’t think I have had any occasion to access those records. Seems odd that neither the PD nor MPCTC would have any. Does prove that it was a long time ago, I guess. Sounds like your best bet to “prove” the previous employment would be credible witnesses, like Reggie. Gary

  10. Scott Prell Says:

    Dr. Cordner:

    FYI. Michael Scott talk on POP

    “On the Issues”


  11. Gary Cordner Says:

    Thanks Scott

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