Gary Cordner

I currently serve as Academic Director in the Education & Training Section, Baltimore Police Department. Any views or opinions in this blog are solely my own.

I previously served as Senior Research Advisor for the National Institute of Justice’s LEADS Program (Law Enforcement Advancing Data & Science). I’m professor emeritus at Kutztown University of Pennsylvania as well as Eastern Kentucky University and completed 9 years as a CALEA Commissioner (Commission on Accreditation for Law Enforcement Agencies). I’ve been associated with the Center for Problem-Oriented Policing since its inception and was the founding editor of Police Quarterly. Before all that I worked as a police officer and police chief in Maryland and got my Ph.D. from Michigan State University.

This blog is for students, users of my textbooks Police & Society and Police Administration, and anyone else interested in trying to keep up with news and developments in the policing world.

I have a 2nd blog focused more on the rest of the world outside the USA — see World Policing.

Thanks for stopping by and thanks for any comments and feedback.

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18 Responses to “Gary Cordner”

  1. danielbkennedy Says:

    Hello Gary. I am teaching at Oakland University in a new criminal justice program beginning there. I want the students to follow your blog and wish to do so myself. How does this work? Can I sign up somewhere and then receive notices or the blog itself. You can tell I’m a pre-internet guy from an aging generation!

  2. Gary Cordner Says:

    Thanks for the inquiry Dan (and the support). I have added a widget in the right hand column named “Follow Blog via Email.” You should be able to sign up using that.

  3. Mark Says:

    Great. One more blog I have to follow for insightful wisdom

  4. Mark Seifert Says:

    UDPD Community Policing in today’s world :

  5. Mark Calhoon Says:

    Hi Gary,

    I just wanted to thank you for the blog. I really enjoy it and find it useful. Keep up the good work!

    Mark Calhoon
    Newport News Police Department
    Planning Administrator

  6. Mark Says:

    Any chance you might create a RSS so it is easier to follow

  7. Gary Cordner Says:

    Hi Mark — I think you can elect to receive RSS feeds at the bottom of the blog page. I’m not aware if that’s something I need to enable, but if so please let me know. Thanks.

  8. Ross Flevkenstein Says:

    Gary : Have you tried to access your police training from Ocean City,MD.
    I went there trying to use these years for a part time job. I found that most of use have no record of employment at all. I also when to the MD. Police training Commission, how in 2007 ( l believe)moved and somehow lost all record, before the move.
    I contacted Sheriff. Reggie Mason, and he also couldn’t find any info .Do you have Amy ideas.

  9. Gary Cordner Says:

    Hi Ross — I don’t think I have had any occasion to access those records. Seems odd that neither the PD nor MPCTC would have any. Does prove that it was a long time ago, I guess. Sounds like your best bet to “prove” the previous employment would be credible witnesses, like Reggie. Gary

  10. Scott Prell Says:

    Dr. Cordner:

    FYI. Michael Scott talk on POP

    “On the Issues”


  11. Gary Cordner Says:

    Thanks Scott

  12. Kuang Cuiye Says:

    Dear Dr. Gary Cordner,

    I am Kuang Cuiye, a professor with the People’s Public Security University of China in Beijing,teaching the course of Police Administration and using your book(9th edition) as the textbook.Thank you for your insights in the book and your blog!

    Best wishes to you and your family!

    Sincerely yours,
    Kuang Cuiye

  13. On Police Reform in Ukraine – Improving Police Says:

    […] reform events around the world — like that which is going on in Ukraine today. He blogs at “Modern Policing.” You might want to follow him. The following report has been edited and the full report is available […]

  14. Bruno Shioso Says:

    Hello Gary,
    Thanks for your blog which am a new follower. Am a progressive Kenyan police officer keen on sharing police knowledge with colleagues and the public. Am looking forward learning from the guru himself and colleagues. I also blog @ though dormant for some time now.

  15. Gary Cordner Says:

    Thanks Bruno, glad to have you, surely no guru here. You might also be interested in my companion “World Policing” blog. Same format but more international in scope.

  16. Paul Robert Croas Says:

    Dr. Cordner, we are using your book, Police & Society for our next promotional exam. Do you have a study guide for this textbook?

  17. Gary Cordner Says:

    Hi Paul — we don’t have a study guide per se, but there are student resources including flash cards and self-quizzes here: — Gary

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